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Try our All Natural Paw Balm!

Paws can become dry and damaged from unprotected contact with elements such as ice, salt, sand, rough, or hot surfaces. Apply this all natural balm as a preventive treatment or to help soften dry paw pads, noses, or elbows.

Our paw protecting, hand crafted balms are made from scratch in small batches with simple ingredients and wonderful butters and oils. Since it is unscented, it is cat friendly too!

Ingredients: 100% pure soy wax (cosmetic grade), coconut oil, sunflower oil, shea butter, vitamin E

Size: 4 oz

To Use: Simply rub on the paw pads and let it absorb in. A little goes a long way. What we do: scoop some balm on your finger, rub your fingers together, then give your pup a wonderful paw massage. You can rub the remainder on your own hands for moisture and protection or simply wipe it off.

*Vegan and Cruelty Free