Odor Eliminator Candle #8767


We all love our dogs and cats but sometimes we don't want our homes smelling like them. Wipe out odors quickly and easily with this invigorating spice fragrance! The fragrance oil used is infused with natural essential oils, including orange, grapefruit and cinnamon. 

#8767: The number on the label represents the estimated number of dogs and cats ADOPTED every day! Let's try and increase that number by spreading awareness.

All of our candles are hand poured in Rochester, NY. Some candles may differ in appearance but all perform to the same standard.

Size: 10 oz or 14 oz

Container: Our candles come in a reusable tin container which can be washed with warm water and reused once all the wax has been melted.

Burn Time: 35+ hrs (10 oz) and 45+ hrs (14 oz)

Scent Name: Odor Eliminator 

Wick: Stabilo Wick: Flat braided cotton wick (lead and zinc free)

When you light your candle for the first time, we recommend burning until a full melt pool has been reached. This will prevent tunneling and increase the burn time of your candle. Soy wax is considered a memory wax, and will only burn to the point of the initial burn.

PRECAUTIONS: Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of pets, small children or drafts. Keep away from items that can catch fire. It is recommended that you do not burn for more then 4 hours at a time. The candle jar will be hot after burning, so allow time to cool before handling.