"This is now... no joke... my FAVORITE hoodie (and I own thousands of hoodies, so that’s saying a lot). It is so incredibly soft and cozy, and the fit is amazing. I love the design and the logo on the sleeve. It even came with a hand written thank you note, how awesome is that?! Don’t hesitate, seriously. These hoodies are amazing." - Michaela, November 29, 2019."I love love the hoodie and the logo sweatshirt it’s literally the most comfortable and it feels great wearing it nothing like I’ve ever had before such a great quality. My kids love our pup bandana our Fluffy is so stylish with it - I got so many compliments.... Love it- Thank you and I can’t wait to get some of the winter bandanas for our pup." - Micev Family, November 5, 2019 "My dog and I love Off Leash Apparel! My dog has lots of bandanas and I have bought shirts and stickers and pins for myself from them. Everything I've gotten is high quality and you will be super satisfied with anything you buy! Plus a portion of the proceeds go to local animal rescue which in my book is pretty awesome!" - Mindie, October 9, 2019 "I have two tshirts, a lapel pin, and several stickers. The products are great quality, and a lot of thought is put into all the details. The shirts are the most comfy that I own!! I also love how Off Leash Apparel gives back to the rescue community. ♡" - Miranda P., July 16, 2019 "I've purchased multiple items from Off Leash Apparel, and I cannot say enough good things about the products, the company, it's customer service and mission. The pup bandanas are stylish...the human apparel is some of the comfiest I've ever worn...each item has arrived within days, along with a handwritten "thank you" note (who still does that?!). And, to top it off, each and every purchase helps animals in need...The true definition of a feel good purchase! I'm looking forward to seeing the Off Leash Apparel brand grow, their product line expand, and most importantly, continue to inspire others through their advocacy! Keep up the good work!" - MM, July 16, 2019 "Our two luggage tags and music bandana came within 3 business days! It came with a handwritten note, a cute sticker, and you can tell it was packaged with care! What a wonderful company & I love that they support rescues!" - Amanda, July 9, 2019 "I purchased the grey logo crew neck sweatshirt a few weeks ago and absolutely love it! It is so soft and comfortable, plus the colored logo is super cute. The order came in the mail quickly with the added bonus of a logo sticker and handwritten note. Great personal touch! I placed another order to try the bandanas for my two pups, plus the coffee mug, and a logo tee! Can’t wait for them to arrive." - Laura, July 8, 2019